Is Rockmelt popular?

by Leon Kitain

Rockmelt uses FB Connect to auth users, so we can see the data on their Facebook application to make a guess on their user numbers and especially on their trends. 

Looking at their MAU, we can see that they stayed flat for the majority of their history at around 300k users.

What this indicates is basically a lack of organic growth, with the users who were brought in being nearly equal to the users who churned. 

You can see the same trend expressed in their DAU.

Now, around the 1st of March, we can see that Rockmelt's traffic began to spike.  Seeing such a big gain followed by a quick fall is basically indicative of a paid acquisition campaign. It allowed Rockmelt to peak out at 1.4M MAU and around 560K DAU toward the end of April. Since then, traffic has been declining, but it's unclear whether it'll decline back to the original equilibrium point from earlier this year. 

Now, the other important thing to note in determining how they are doing is their Sticky Factor - the ratio of daily active users to monthly active users.  The higher the sticky factor, the more engaged their core users are.  

Rockmelt has an *amazing* sticky factor, way higher than most applications based on Facebook connect (2x or 3x).

Therefore, the conclusion we can draw from the above data is that while Rockmelt doesn't currently offer a wide appeal nor really grow organically, the core users of Rockmelt seem to really like the product and are very engaged on a regular basis.