Which browser is the best?

by Nicolas McCurdy

Honestly, for the most part, the browser debate comes down to preference.

Here's mine:

Internet Explorer is terrible.

Opera is an awesome browser for speed and extreme tweakability, and offers some of the best built in features I've ever scene in a web browser. 
But for comparability (web pages, web apps, and extensions), it sucks, so I can't use it as my main browser for this reason.

Chrome is great (second favorite). If you're not a computer geek, try it. If you like it, stick with it. It's fast and efficient, and has great 
compatible and pretty good extensions.

Firefox is the king of browsing in my opinion. I've been using Firefox 4 and 5 for a while now, and I absolutely LOVE how smart it is with using 
less memory, and it's really fast. I've had many annoying problems with Chrome, and Firefox works really great for me personally. But it's not 
just that. The compatibility for websites and apps is as good as Chrome's. Also, what I believe is a killer feature of Firefox is panorama. 
However, what makes it the best for me is that it's really amazingly configurable. Extensions can be a lot more powerful than Chrome themes 
(because of what Firefox lets you do with them). You have a great set of settings. The special about:config page gives you access to a huge number 
of hidden settings, without installing an extension. Everything's really fast and efficient, and the interface is a lot closer to the simplicity 
of Chrome's since Firefox 4. You can move toolbar buttons around however you'd like (all you can do in Chrome is toggle the home button and reorder 
extension buttons, lame). And if you're a power user, definitely check out Firefox.

Quick Version:
Use Chrome, try it out for a bit, it's simple and great for most people. If you're curious about Firefox, if it doesn't work as efficiently as you'd 
want it to, or if it just isn't customizable enough for you, try Firefox (I believe it's nicer for power users). Avoid Opera, but if you're brave, 
try it out. If you love its features enough to deal with its incompatibilities, go for it, it's up to you. Just never touch Internet Explorer. EVER.